Sunday, January 22, 2006

Battlestar Galactica, episode 213: Epiphanies.

"Roe vs. Toaster", my husband joked while watching this show. This fantastic serie offered a very controversial point of view on abortion, but not on humans but on cylon human-hybrids. It also posted another very disturbing question about treatment of cylon prissoners. I can see it happening really soon. Is it really important the fact that because robots are not humans they won't have the same status as the issue of abortion on real 100% human babies? Humans are messing up with science without taking care in consideration what is right and wrong.

But who decides what is right and wrong on a secular society which seems it doesn't even know where they come from anymore? Where the young humans of the world are getting its rights and wrongs? Can you imagine the bio-ethical issues coming very soon to this world? How the scientist of tomorrow will handle those issues? People used to get the basis of its morality or ethical behavior from the family, the school and the church, and neither those institutions contradicted to each othe. But now, the institution of family is not as solid and as unified as it used to be. And, it is forbidden for any public school to teach religion, even on a secular way (why is important, the influence of religion in the society, the rule of ethical law, etc... ). So, children who come from secular families are lacking on teachings of religion, even on the philodsophical, secular way. A big important part of educating a human being is not teached to the youngs of the western world. People are more uneducated in certain things in 2005 than in 1950. There's no way that young scientist can understand the important of science in the society if they don't understand the whole ethical thinking that brough science, on first instance, to the world. Science will never have the ethical part embedded to it but that of the scientist who manipulates it. Well, this is preciselly the whole point of wanting to write this short commentary.

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