Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Harry Belafonte, Chavez, W, and the Viaduct

Gee... This blog was going to be a light web page about everything and nothing, but seems that I can't stop talking about the horrid bizarre world that my Venezuelan fellows are living right now. Seems that Mr. Harry Belafonte was invited to Venezuela to Bush bashing. President Chavez, in the meantime, was very occupied to what this star class B had to say about "W". For all of you who has no idea, the viaduct that just fell connected the airport with the capital, Caracas. I would say it's kind of important for the country, wouldn't you think so uh? Now, since I remember, I have been hearing that the bridge was going to fall. No administration took care of it, needless to say that Chavez did. Mr. Chavez has been the president of my country for 7 years and has done anything about it. But for many of you outhere, this incompetent deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

Venezuelans live on a bizarro world where Superman is evil...

I cannot imagine the people who have to commute in this circumstances. Taking the alternate route takes 2 hours when no traffic, which as you can imagine is pretty rare.


shedderich said...

you kinda have to wonder.. if the World Social Forum wasn't taking place in Caracas Jan. 24-29th, would Chavez have announced the closing of the Viaduct and central artery into Caracas?

Can you imagine if Harry Belafonte were on that bridge and it collapsed?

FeathersMcGraw said...

No doubst it would have been a very bad propaganda for the Chavismo. And that makes you wonder... so true