Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Resume of the day...

Ok, let's see what's going on in Venezuela these days:

1) Oil Price: $ 67.55

2) The country is falling apart. If you speak spanish, this source offers a good view of what Venezuelans complains all day long. This source offers all points of views from Venezuelans, chavistas included. And has a forum too. Do your own research.

3) The World Forum has become a reunion for Bush-bashers!

Sen. McCain: -"We better understand the vulnerabilities that our economy and our very lives have that when we're dependent on Iranian mullahs, and wackos in Venezuela''

Venezuela VP, Jose Vicente Rangel, alias "The Mummy":
-"It looks like they have nothing else to do in the United States," Rangel said. Americans have "so many problems, 40 million poor people, 30 million drug users (*), and an American senator is paying attention to us. He can go to hell."

Feathers: -"Don't they have better things to do in Venezuela than trow the people's money into hosting a gathering for 1st world Bush bashers?"

(*) 40 millions of poors represents 11%. I am not sure how accurate this data is. How much is the Venezuela rate of Povertry? A country of 25 millions? Without the problems that a country of 350 millions have? Take a guess, do your own research or read how things are measure down there.

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