Thursday, January 12, 2006

So, what's is wrong with a pair of oil-loaded bullies wanting to go nuclear?

The new best friends on the block. Chavez and Ahmadinejad, Ahmadinejad and Chavez. Chavez is supporting everythig that Ahmadinejad is doing in regards of nuclear research. And he is even trying to makes jokes, or what he thinks it's a joke to get a big laugh from his Iranians friends. Not long ago Ahmadinejad denied the holocaust. Is he just keeping up with Persia's history of denying the holocaust? Could it be that he is counting on Iran's nuclear research to pass it on to them in the future?, ergo to Castro, ergo to anyone who has money to buy it? Otherwise, I have no idea whatsoever on why Chavez is messing up with anti-semitism and internal affairs of other countries instead of fixing the viaduct that keeps incommunicated the valley of Caracas from the airport and the port. The situation has become very bad to the point that people cannot send or receive FedEx from/to Caracas until further notice. It is important to quote that not all Jews believe that Chavez remarks were anti-semitic. Needless to say that I do and so the Simon Wiesenthal Center does as well.

Now the UN wants to give Iranians and angry spanking on the bottom about their trespassings in nuclear research. I can picture Chavez and Ahmadinejad and the rest of the clan (Castro, Morales, Humalla, Zapatero?) smoking havanos and having a big laugh about the possible economic sanctions that the UN might give to Iran. Whooooooo I am so scared of the UN!

Douglas MacKinnon wrote this interesting piece back in May, 2005.

It's fine with me for countries to develop nuclear energy as long it doesn't represent a danger to everybody else. Why nobody believes this is an important matter, or that the Iranians or Venezuelans won't have the balls to do anything bad with nuclear technology? The strongest answer I get is that Iranians are nice people so they won't go fanatic like others... uhmm... yeah right. So Venezuelans and Cubans are very nice too... doesn't make an apology for their currupt governments.

Why two countries loaded with oil want to go nuclear? Here is some compasionate opinions from the understanding people from the 1st world.

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