Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The muslim cartoon controversy

By Mike Lester, Rome-News Tribune, Rome, GA

by Paul Zanetti, Australia

I guess this two cartoon said it all to me. This is a such a crazy topic! I am sure that many of you are familiarized by now with the anti-Danish protest all over the world by the muslim fanatics after one of its newspapers, the yllands-Posten published twelve cartoons last October depicting the prophet Mohammad. A lot of news outlets have defended the freedom of speech and the Danish newspaper, and others are completely outragged that such an insult to prophet Mohammad has been permitted. Yesterday a protest in Bethlehem turned deadly. On Sunday, italian father Andrea Santoro was killed on his church in Turkey by a fanatic teenager who got inspired by the muslim cartoon protests. But the followers of the religion of peace, don't want to settle, they keep adding gasoline to the fire. Recently, the biggest selling newspaper in Iran has launched a contest to depict the best cartoon about the Holocaust. I wonder what Mr. Ahmadinejad has to say about this since he certainly believes that the Holocaust never happened.

The real question in this story is that why in the Lord's name the Danish government has to apologize or censorship what a PRIVATE news outlet has to say or not to say?

Geez, what if the christians of the world would have the same attitude everytime an idiot makes a joke of Jesus? I respect the muslim religion but they also have to respect the boundaries of other people's beliefs (or disbeliefs for that matter) and more important, respect other nations if they want to be respected as well.

Shouldn't them be worried about this instead? You bet.

By John Sherffius, St Louis, MO

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