Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The new America according to Lory Toyle

Well, well, well... seems that Americans need to worry about more important things tha Osama Bin Laden. Yesterday I was listening to my daily dosis of spooky stuff on my nightly radio show and this lady called Lory Toyle from was giving an interview. Apparently she received some type of prophetic information from some "master teachers" from another dimension. The map of America will change dramatically as you can see, due to a lot of climate changes being the most prominent one a meteor which would fal on Nevada and will create an ash cloud that will cause rain for two years in some places. This will create the earth shift and a change in the Earth's spin and set off polar shifts, quakes and volcanoes. Of course no date given.

San Diego (but not north county), would be relatively safe (seems to me we will be taken over Mexico, not that we are not to this day...), but the rest of California, specially the sin cities of San Fran and LA would end under the water.

She also mentioned that her masters told her that with pray and good intentions, this can be avoid.

(Read more here). You also can buy her book with more detailed info on her webpage.

What do I have to say about this? In Jesus I trust.

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