Thursday, February 09, 2006

No more soup for you!

The U.K., in retaliation to the exchange of ugly words with Mr. Chavez, is thinking to boycott all exports of scotch to Venezuela. As many of you know, the U.K. is very dependant of oil, but "Venezuelans seems more dependent of scotch, specially Johny Walker's Blue Label (US $ 185 - 199.0 aprox. per 750 mil bottle)" according to Ms. Campanula Tottington, a spokeperson of 10 Downing st.

Uhmmmmmm apparently this new class of revolucionaries chavistas besides dress funny in red with che guevara t-shirts and berets are picking up the disgusting imperialist habits of the top class they seem to hate that much to drink scotch, only that the standard scotch that people used to drink in Venezuela on those imperialist days was black label (aprox US $ 30 a bottle), not blue . Who knew? Who do you think have helped increased the consumption of scotch by 55% last year? The old riches or the new riches of the revolution?? Too bad that many of those revolutionaries like to drink his blue label with "pepsi".

Seems to me that the real revolution will start in Venezuela when you can't buy a single drop of scotch in that country. I can portrait the caos: people smashing cars, a scene from "24 days later", etc, etc...

I sincerely hope that the MI-5 is reading this blogs and taking notes. U.K seems to have the key to eliminate chavismo without a single drop of blood shed.

I don't care how much britons hate Mr. Blair. Since today, this guy is my friend.

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