Sunday, March 19, 2006

Chavez blasts Bush as "donkey" and "drunkard"

I can't believe President Chavez comments today on his extremely fastidious show called "Aló Presidente". He decided it was time for some insults so he decided to insult who else? President Bush. I really don't think that this is proper behavior to anyone, specially for a president (ilegit and very unfortunate for some). In any case, a man can still behave like a man, still be a leftist nutcase revolutionary and treat others with politeness and respects, perfect example: Evo Morales from Bolivia. What I have seen about Morales in the media tell me he is a gentleman. This is one of the traits that I really dislike of Hugo Chavez, the way he treats others, specially the ones who represent a treat or are against his government. We call a person who behave like this, a "patán" (1).

Regarding Bush being a "drunkard", I have to remind President Chavez that President Bush is a sober alcoholic and that per se has a lot of merit.

(1) Patán: Barbarian

See also Quico's comment about this on his blog.


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