Thursday, March 23, 2006


Hard to break some news when you live on the pacific, but I had to comment that in regards of the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) guys, who were rescued by a cooperation of special forces from Britain, Canada, the US and Iraq by the way, not freed (you want to think freed by their captors right?) as the fair and balanced BBC reported. Thank you for taking note that the guys were rescued, not freed. Thank you very much, again. Also, the rescued man didn't thank the special forces in their statement... c'mon! (did I miss it?) Ok, I will thank them for them:

Thank you very much, British, Canadian, US and Iraqi forces, God bless you

yours truly,


"She described the men as "remarkably well" and said they had been eating ice-cream and drinking orange juice."

Ok, now this is getting ridiculous. Were they taken to Disneyland too? I guess one of those nice men who had taken hostages these peacemakers forgot to feed Mr. Fox with ice-cream, orange juice, cake and cookies and instead beat him to later shot him to death. May God give rest to his soul.

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