Friday, March 24, 2006

Lukashenko forgot to invite Jimmy Carter to his electoral process...

Seems that Lukashenko and Chavez have the same writing style uh? One seems to have better manners though (click on the above picture to read). But wait! Lukashenko even stole Chavez's famous phrase that put him into the american idol status. But seems it didn't work that well on Luki. Luki is not that lucky! Could it by because of his white-collar-CIA-gringo-agent look (not preciselly Camilo Cienfuegos look and name for that matter) or his lack of oil to negociate? Should we send him some Che-guevara t-shirts, a pair of birkies and some cohibas? Or should have he invite the Carter center? It certainly never hurts. Bah, what a fool. Now he is facing US and EU sanctions. Even ABC picked the news. How come people don't believe in his clear, transparent, democratic, overwhelming winning?

In the meantime Mr. Lukashenko is smashing the opposition's protest! with the authority to end any social "disturbance" that was given to him by the law. Jesus, I didn't know that Chavez had a poor twin brother in Belarus.

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