Sunday, March 12, 2006

North American Opinion Research, Jukt Micronics or how to spot a fake company

Recently, a ridiculous one-page $$$$$ news propaganda from a Venezuelan company called North American Opinion Reseach (nothing to do with North America but the funny name) appeared on the Venezuelan news, attacking the right to say shit from Venezuelan bloggers. Now, my dear 2 readers of the universe, this company is a favorite quote of Hugo Chavez's. All the chavismo rely on this research company. I am not gonna comment much more on that story since my Venezuelan fellows friend bloggers have already commented very deeply and very well into the case. Please check the links of Vcrisis, Caracas Chronicles, CC again, The Devil Excrement, Venezuela News and Views and Venezuela-USA topics. I didn't want to talk about since what else I have to say about it. But yes, I found something else to say about it.

I took the time to go to its website, and it really didn't seem like a real business to me. The investigation lead by Boyd, the rest of the bloggers and some incisive readers remind me the one from Adan Peneberg on Stephen Glass's fake website story "Jukt Micronics" with the slight difference than Peneberg was investigating a 25 year-old journalist and in this case is against a left-dictatorship regime. NAOR have a mailing address in the US, meaning that it's just a post office, not a real office I believe. In Venezuela, the office phone number is a cel phone (!), and they have not names contacts (how is this strange for a research company uh?), or name emails, etc... I dunno... and then the $$$$ ad on the news totally atacking the ones who are investigating the veracity of this company. uhhhmmMmmmuuuUuummmhh

Can be a little bit harder than to spot the difference on a fake Gucci or LV. But, for those who doesn't have the trained eye I do, I will give you a hint: If everything else seems OK, check the stichings...

Just judge for yourself...


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