Monday, April 10, 2006

Chavez Threatens to Expel U.S. Ambassador

Words of Hugo I:

"The ambassador went to Coche seeking an incident," Chavez said during his weekly televised address Sunday. "It was a provocation to look for another incident, seeking an escalation."

Chavez offered muted criticism of the protesters — "We reject any kind of aggression," he said — but clearly warned the ambassador. "If you continue provoking us, go pack your bags because I'm going to throw you out of here," he said.

Oh yes, yessss I want American bloooddd! C'mon... for the way this south american blood thirst version of dracula speaks you will thinks he is the owner of the Ranch. But hey! Is he really the owner of the Ranch? I guess so. The rest of Venezuelans, people of peace and good intentions, have to shut up and let the nutcase tyrant speak like this if we want to stay out of trouble.

I wonder what the gringos, specifically the revolutionary leftist activist Media Benjamin, Cindy Sheehan, Baby Chesa Boudin, and internet Chavez admirers to the core Justin Delacour, Dan Burnett and Steve Hunt would think about listening Bush talking like this on his Sunday talk shown. Bush saying that he will kick the ass out of the abassador of Venezuela if they keep provoking the "people" of the US. But wait! I wonder why these people will think of Bush having a Sunday talk show!! For Christ sake!

The devil posing like an "angelito serenado" carrying the cross... can someone please give him a bigger cross?

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