Thursday, April 20, 2006

The reality of Venezuela. Children die of hunger while the irresponsible chavista government give away money like crazy to other countries.

In Santa Cruz de Mara, in Maracaibo, Vzla, 30 children die of hunger on a monthly basis. 70% of the people don't have a job. People go to the city hall not to ask for jobs anymore since they know there are no jobs, but to ask for a bag of food, medicine or a funerary urn (for children, mostly). A lot of people say in this documentary (in spanish) that they have to beg not to die for hunger. Do I have to remind you that Venezuela is a very rich OIL country? That everyday it receives enough CASH to invest it in its people very confortably? This is happening 7 years, almost 8 after the King of the poors Hugo Chavez took office as president of Venezuela. Go figure. Do you think people are inventing this? Do you think this is a CIA complot to outs Hugo Chavez and his regime of mediocrity and robbery? I don't think so.

Sadly, this is the Venezuelan reality, while Mr. Chavez give away cheap oil to US Americans, who at least have a house with heat and can eat and sleep on a bed. But for the extreme poor with no means to eat in rural Venezuela, there's no help. Curiously, the name of this "caserio"(*) shown is Nazareth, Nazareth. And the main occupation of the town is fishermen. God, help us. The punishment that w'all are gonna receive will be big.

A woman said in this documentary that the president is indeed eliminating the poor, killing them with hunger. Who's fault is this situation? Do you think is unfair to blame the government for this? This government or the other ones? Which ones?

The major is asking for the National Assambly to change the ruling of Corpozulia, which is the principal source of income in this sector in Venezuela. Sadly, the documentary didn't explain exactly why Corpozulia is not helping better with jobs and services to the people of this region. Corruption? Mafia?

(*) caserio= very small rural town

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