Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tony Soprano alive and kickin' in Venezuela...

Mother of Jesus, pray for us sinner until death caught us after confession. I don't know what is going on in Venezuela these days, but seems to me that a mafia boss is getting very nervous and it's showing what he's capable of by a series of very notorious murders. Honestly, who is this guy, is it a group of people? Who is behind? All of this is impossible to know. Do you think there's a link between last month's notorious murders that have been creating a lot of news on the chavista and oppo environment? You be the judge.

First murder, business man Filippo Sindoni. (March 29th)
Second murders, the Faddoul Brothers (sons of a succesful business man) plus his driver (April 4).
Third murder, graphic reporter Jorge Izaguirre in the middle of a job, taking pictures of a protest (April 12th).
Fouth murder, Presbítero Jorge Piñango.

I can't believe my ears from what I just heard (listen to the video embedded please). Yesterday, Venezuela's Attorney General, Isaias Rodriguez, in an afternoon conference, with total lack of speech sensibility or in accordance with the chavista' gaw law in which the media has to be very careful what it says in the afternoon so the sensibility of the children who are watching TV is not perturbed, said the following in reference to the assesination of Presbítero Jorge Piñango:

1) I am saying what I am gonna say because this is serious and responsible information and the nation needs to know the TRUTH.

2) I am saying what I am saying because of the spin the media has done to me in reference to the Danilo Anderson murder case and I don't want this to happen again.

3) Seems that Presbítero Jorge Piñango's murder is also about to take a spin, so I am gonna tell you what really happened.

4) Piñango went to Motel Bruno (located in the very centric area of Sabana Grande in Caracas), registered himself with a young and handosome looking man, was founded naked, murdered by suffocation (asphyxia), and naked with wounds in his head, and showing of anus manipulation and feces in the room (I am kidding you not, I guess he didn't know that the word "sodomy" can resume all the gruesome details). And there was also found an stimulant, (he insinuated it was a sexual stimulant, viagra style).

5) Everything I said is TRUE, and I want to be very clear so we won't get people spinning the information and the opposition taking this for their political advantage. The nation deserves the TRUTH.

Well, well, well... apparently point 4 is completely spinned, since Presbítero Piñango was founded dead by suffocation, but with no apparently signs of violence (not sure about the sodomy yet), and, pay attention to this, instead of a sexual stimulant, what was found was a medicament called Rivotril (Clonazepam) with two empty bottles of beer. Could it be that somebody give the priest this medicament with some alcohol? (pass out effect, just like with the date-rape drug rophinol). Good Lord, the PR of the ministry had to send a memo correcting all the missinformation given on Rodriguez's gospel of truth speech. How irresponsible is that? Who missinformed the Attorney General like that? Why the emphasis that he was so sure and he needed to say the truth when obviously the man didn't know nothing?? I mean he could just shut up, he wasn't on a pressure to speak or anything like that. The man was Wrrroooong, very wrrrrong. Should we fire him for irresponsible and mediocre? How come the opposition cannot take this demostration of mediocrity to their advantage? I mean, I don't want an Attorney General like him. Do you?

Something else, the priest, who was the subsecretary of the Episcopal Conference in Venezuela (representant of the Vatican in other words), went to that hotel as a priest and driving the SUV property of the Episcopal Conference... uhmmm...

Watson, if you are a homosexual priest (God forbids) and you want a little bit of action, are you gonna drive to a motel on the SVU property of the church?? I mean, nobody is that idiotic. You can disguise yourself, leave the car on a close by public garage and meet with the "young and handsome" lover in another place than a cheap motel (which is btw, located on a very busy street in Caracas). Don't you think somebody like him would be scared of be seen?

Obviously this is all the characteristics of a montage to desprestige the catholic church. Not that surprizing.

So, in a month, some entity, who is operating the same way than the cosa nostra does, has been succesfully threatened 4 sectors of the society: the civil society, the business owners, the media reporters and the church.

Curiously, a big Venezuelan flag which is posted on a very visible part of the city (in Chuao), broke down. Coincidence that the country is tearing apart into pieces? I don't think so. I don't believe in coincidences, you know?

What a omen!

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