Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ollanta tries to unlink himself from the black plague, Hugo Chavez

Lovely. Just read this:

Ollanta Humala denies links with Chávez

"Peruvian nationalist presidential candidate Ollanta Humala late Wednesday expressed "rejection" against President Hugo Chávez' meddling in Peru electoral process.

"I do deplore and reject this interference. I have nothing to do with President Chávez," said the candidate of Unión party on a TV show in Lima, AFP reported.

This is the first time Humala makes a public criticism against the Venezuelan ruler. Chávez has repeatedly expressed his support for Humala, saying he hopes the nationalist leader to become the next Peruvian President.

Humala's remarks came following Chávez' announcement late Wednesday in Bolivia that he would recall the Venezuelan ambassador in Lima. Chávez made such a move in response to Lima decision last April 29th to recall the Peruvian envoy in Caracas, as Alejandro Toledo's Government considered that Chávez made an "unacceptable interference" in Peru internal affairs.

Humala, who is facing social democrat candidate Alan García in the second round of the presidential election next June 4th, strongly rejected his foes' claims that the Venezuelan Government is funding his electoral campaign.

Tensions started last week, when Chávez decided to withdraw from the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) and claimed that both Peru and Colombia "deadly wounded" the sub-regional bloc when they initialed free trade agreements with the United States."

But watch this:

Any questions? Many right?

So you can draw your own conclusions now.

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