Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Venezuelan Quijote will keep selling oil to his best client

Venezuelan Quijote, the King of the Poors, Lt. Col Hugo Chavez Frias, will keep selling oil to his best client, George W. Bush, in despite of the US won't sell weapons anymore to the Crazy Clown's regime. "Crazy Clown" Chavez said he will act like the Quijote into not retaliating against the US's actions and keep the supply flowing, but I see him more like a Tony Soprano who doesn't want to stop getting his daily flowing of US $$$$$ cash income. He has a lot of funding to do these days, you know? And a newly adquire ultra-expensive, lavish PERSONAL taste to mantain with those Venezuelan PUBLIC funds (Cartier, Boucheron, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Chivas Regal etc). You know, 3rd world dictators really like the good life.

Lovely, indeed. I publicly dare Mr. Chavez to acts his words and stop selling oil to the gringos, once and for all. He knows that he can't get the cash revenue he gets without the good'ol Us of A. Maybe he is not that confortable with the amount of Euros he would get instead. Hugo Chavez stop selling oil to the gringos right now!! Do it!

In response to this incident, the Chavez's regime says that will consider selling the old figther crew of F-16 planes to Iran. I have news flash for the Chavecos: Venezuela needs the explicit permit of the US to sell its technology to a 3rd party. Don't they know that? Why the Paris Hiltonesque style of publicity if they know they can't do it? Not to play the Devil's Advocate in here, but he would have done a great business deal getting rid of those old planes. Food for tough for the mullah: What chance does an F-16 has against a Raptor? In any case, no F-16 for you! Signed: Georgie Boy.

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