Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Evo says NO to Chavez...

Good for Evo Morales, the new president of Bolivia. As many of you know, President Chavez of Venezuela, along with Castro, supported Morales to Bolivia's presidency. Of course, in hopes of him to become the puppet of Castro and Chavez. But, little did Chavez know that Mr. Morales, with his soft and educated manners apparently is not playing the game that Chavez wan't him to play. In a note from Spain's El Mundo, yesterday Chavez asked Morales to delay the meeting of the CAN (Andean Community of Nations), which Morales presides. But he didn't accept el loco's manouver, bhuahahah... The meeting, in fact, was in order to look for better relations of those nations with the US. Morales also accepted Pres. Toledo (Peru) (Chavez hates him) to serve as vice president (vacant post left by Chavez, when in a temper tamtrum decided that Venezuela wasn't going to belong to that org anymore). This is the good bye letter that doofus Chavez sent to the Andean Community. Needless to say, Bolivia is not following this approach at all, but asking his friends Colombia and Peru to help him to get in good terms with the USA. Bolivia needs this client. We all need to do good business relationship with the biggest market of the region. But of course, you know guys why this idiot Chavez is behaving like a spoiled brat, right?

Chavez thought that his depart from the CAN would crumble it to dust, but seems the CAN works better without him (like everything else, Chavez's is a bully so anything works better without him).

Good for them! The exit of Venezuela to the Andean Community is only Venezuela's lost.

Link of this news in spanish here.

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