Monday, June 19, 2006

Heil Chavez. The dementia of Hugo Chavez

Just read these news from

"Chavez talks of sinking US aircraft carrier

Hugo Chavez publicly fantasized about sinking an American aircaft carrier in the Caribbean with new Sukhoi fighter jets that he is buying from Russia.

Sukhoi joins EADS CASA as Chavez's principal supplier of warplanes.

"Chavez said he could imagine a Sukhoi fighter jet launching a missile at an invading US aircraft carrier anchored off La Guaira, a seaport located along Venezuela's Caribbean coast, from skies above the central city of Valencia," the Associated Press reports.

In his June 14 comments the dictator announced he purchased 24 Su-30 fighters from Russia, and is considering buying the upgraded Su-35."

Hugo Chavez remind me of the kiddo who needs attention all the time and he doesn't care if he hurts himself in order to get it. I mean, what good would do for Venezuela to go to war with its best commercial client? Obviously he knows that it pays to play the VICTIM of the US of A. Doesn't it?

Should I need to say more about Chavez's dementia?

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