Thursday, June 15, 2006

Why the opposition cannot protest in Venezuela or "City of Gods" Venezuelan version

Caracas, once called it the "Sucursal del Cielo" (Heaven's branch), seems that these days must be called "The City of Gods", just like that Brazilian movie that portraited a gang war in the 70's in one of the most violent neighborhods of Rio de Janeiro.

Since Chavez knows that the people want to protest against him (the civil, non-violent and democratic way to dissent against a barbarian) and that's the way he was kicked out on April 11, 2002 (just look at the link -from of one of the "fire-Chavez" protests held on the previous days before April 11, 2002) he is not gonna risk the people taking the streets again. So what's the magic formula? A simple facist mafia street tactic: To arm the streets criminals and pay them for their services. The official job description-cover up is that these guys are preventing the imperialism to take over, sort of a reservist... but of course, little ol'feathers, yours truly, walking on the street, venezolana without any CIA connection is an imperialist since she dares to dissents Chavez's corrupt regime. What I am trying to say is that anybody can be an easy target of these malandros (thugs). Or not? What should the citizens do to this matter?

That's why I laugh when I hear idiots taking about how democratic is Chavez's government. How can you be democratic if this is the way you prevent people protests in the streets? Instead of clean the streets of criminals, Chavez's arm them. And he arms himself as well. Wasn't the president office a CIVILIAN job?????

I am sure there must be safer neighborhoods in Baghdag than in Caracas these days ...


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