Thursday, July 06, 2006

Chavismo deceitful practices...

Well, well, well, seems that blogger superstar Alek Boyd came back (maybe for a brief moment who knows hopefully for a long time, welcome back :D) to gave us this pearl about the liar nature of the chavismo officials. I am shocked that the moral and ethical levels of the country are so low in general terms that this is not even a scandal. As a matter of fact, nobody knows about it, and nobody cares. Only a Venezuelan blogger and others fellow countryman somewhere in the cyberspace who noticed that the claim was unsubstanciated. It seems that every country has the government they deserve. I mean, what type of journalism do they teach in Venezuela these days that this is not a first page national bomb?

The question Chavez lovers all around the world should ask is if that president Chavez really cares about their country to be HONESTLY and withouth cooking numbers a literate country. What other numbers do you think the chavismo have cooked??? You are rightttt, the same ones we all are thinking about. Do the word elections rings the bell??

I don't want to be mean, but a question just have come up to my mind, remeber the "Adquerir" incident? Do you think Chavez belong to the literate group or to the illiterate one? :D (sorry this is a bad joke - I am not a democrat I swear - just couldn't help myself).

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