Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tsunami "Condemania" strikes Venezuela!

Well guys, the Condemania is hitting Venezuela like a real Tsunami and of course it is also hitting me, Venezolana, as well. His candidacy has brought us all, chavistas and escualidos hope to live again on a Venezuela with no divisions and free of the Cuban influence. I though his candidacy was a joke, since the guy is a successful comedian, but, I have to say that after reading some of his interviews, he presents himself as a very strong choice. He is educated and well spoken, succesful on his own, a self-made man, charming as anyone, everybody likes him. He fullfills Dick Morris' analysis on Venezuelan Candidate's wish list as a glove.

I still have a serious concerns about him:

Who supports Er Conde's candidacy? The question that he could be a government trap is there. If the guy is an undercover chavista, I have a serious problem with it, sorry. The argument on this theory is that his charm can deviate the problem with the electoral council been taken over by chavista members, and the transparency and fairness of the electoral process. There's also a lot of problems with the voter lists, since it seems they are very corrupted, news shown that 2.1 million people were living on the same house, according to the voter registry. In the past, while the RR, the opposition, stupidly (or very wisely, who knows) agreed with a number of unfavorable conditions, specially to do electronic voting, who proved to be the Achille's heel of the process. By using electronic voting, the government could do whatever he wanted in terms of manipulating the intention of the vote since there's wasn't any audit of the paper trail, but a ridiculous "random 1%" that shown the following food for though: "The CNE had promised the country to audit 1% of the voting machines or 196 of them. Unfortunately only 26 of them were audited on the fateful night of the RR. Curiously, the Si (Yes) vote obtained 63.47% in these 26 machines, compared to the 40.9% that it obtained nationwide." (Taken by the Devil Excrement's Venezuelan Referendum Studies).

I would like to know what he thinks about all of these, so I wrote a little note on his blog, hope he answers. (His blog is down as I am writting this note).

Estimado Conde,

Estaba leyendo la entrevista de Giusti: "Si ganamos, iremos a la batalla final", pero no hablas del tema de los listados. Me gustaria que me hablaras de cual es tu pensar acerca de el problema tan grande que tenemos con el CNE, no solamente las condiciones, pero que harias tu respecto a los listados de votantes.

Sabiendo que tenemos 1.8(*) de personas viviendo en la misma casa, a mi me parece una burla ir a votar cuando yo se que hay mucha gente que vota doble, que no existe, etc, etc...

Que piensas de esto? Que podemos hacer??

Si las condiciones se dan, te apoyaria en tu campaña y votaria por ti, pero antes que todo, me gustaria saber tu opinion respecto a este problema tan grande que tenemos los votantes Venezolanos con los listados.

Un saludo grande y mucha suerte,

(*) I made a mistake, it's not 1.8 Mil, but 2.1 Mil people living in the same household, according to the voter lists. (!)

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