Friday, August 04, 2006

Lebanese women have balls!

Not me though, although I support the ones she carries!.

Lebanese born activist and writter Briggite Gabriel, founder of American Congress for Truth have an excellent archive with news that all should check out.

A must watch are the Christian Persecution video and her interview. They offer an understanding of the situation of the christian communities in the middle east under the intolerance of the extremist muslim.

Her latest article is also a must read:

Hezbos in America Who Hate America

Debbie Schlussel has done a fantastic job reporting about Hezbollah's connection and supporters in Dearborn Michigan. She has been right on point with her assessment of their feelings and their support to Hezbollah. Read her article below my comments.

I was talking with few friends of mine (Christian Lebanese) who arrived to America this past weekend, rescued by the marines and American ships off the shores of Beirut. They said that as the Marines were helping the Muslim (American) ladies on the ships, these Muslims were cussing them out in Arabic. The Muslim (Americans) being rescued were sitting on the decks saying (in Arabic): Death to you (meaning our marines), death to America and Israel. You are the source of the problems. All our misery is because of you.

This talk was going on as the marines were holding their little babies in their arms playing with them. Even in the bathroom as one woman went on a cussing fit, another one told her to keep it down in case they understand Arabic and they would hear her. The woman answered: I don't care if they hear me. I hate them I cannot stand them anymore.

I begged my friend Rana to come forward to the media and give interviews. She said she wouldn't dare because of what the Muslims might do to her and her family. She said: Our house is there, our businesses, our life, our relatives. We have to go back to Lebanon, if I come out and give interviews they will track us down and kill us. Our life in Lebanon would be over. We can't take this risk.

This is the problems in the Middle East my friends as to why you only hear one side of the story. People are terrorized into silence. When you hear the reports about public opinion in Lebanon that 80% of Lebanese support Hezbollah, don't be fooled. My friends told me when I asked them the question is it really true that public opinion is changing favoring Hezbollah, my friends said that the Christians, who answered the poll, were not sure if those people asking the questions were Hezbollah operatives spying to see who is going to answer against Hezbollah so they can be eliminated. Also according to friends of mine who are close to the government said that members of the parliament were threatened with death just like Harriri if they do not line up with Hezbollah. That's why you saw the Lebanese leadership change their song and dance within the first few days of the war.

Hezbollah's is king in Lebanon, and terror is their rule. As for all those wonderful AMERICANS we rescued from Lebanon shrouded with headscarves and men with beard, those are the same Hezbollah terrorists men, women and children who are plotting our destruction right here on our soil, carrying our citizenship.

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