Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The misterious stones of Baalbek

Do you know that the biggest man made stone know to humanity is located around the acropolis of Baalbek (where Hezbullah, very cleverly, now have a terrorist training facility and Israel carried a raid today)? The famous Stone of the South (left), is the largest dressed stone block in the world, lying in its quarry just ten minutes walk from the Temple of Jupiter. This huge stone weighs approximately 1,000 tons - almost as heavy as three Boeing 747 aircraft. Any ideas how it was built and movilized?

To your left you can see three granite comprised stones fitted together at a height of 20 feet above present ground level. They are called the great Trilithon and are are slightly smaller than the Stone of the South, its estimated weight is approximately 800 tons each.

According to Alan Alford: "The locals call this the 'Miracle of the Three Stones'. I, on the other hand, prefer to call it 'the Archaeologist's Nightmare', for our minds immediately begin to reel with questions - who built this megalithic wall, when did they build it, how did they build it, and, more importantly, why did they build it in the way that they did?

This is one of the most amazing sights in the ancient world - the three 800-ton blocks of the mighty Trilithon (the lighter-coloured course), situated in a wall of the great acropolis of Baalbek in Lebanon.

Michel Alouf, the former curator of the ruins, once wrote of the Trilithon:

'... in spite of their immense size, they [the Trilithon stones] are so accurately placed in position and so carefully joined, that it is almost impossible to insert a needle between them. No description will give an exact idea of the bewildering and stupefying effect of these tremendous blocks on the spectator'. "

There is the belief from non orthodox archeologist that the platform that the stones built, is much older than the Temple, that is, older than Roman Times.

Zacharia Sitchin
also have a very interesting theory about these stones. He thinks they were built by the ancient Gods as a landing platform (for their interplanetary ships).

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