Friday, August 25, 2006

On picking a new foreign secretary in Venezuela...

One chavista says to another: "He has what it takes to be foreign secretary".

Juan Barreto, aka Jabba The Hutt, is not the only one with the incendiary speech from the chavismo. A follow up runner is none other than the shiny new foreign secretary, Nicolas Maduro. Maduro is an ex-bus driver with zero diplomatic career or experience, but with more than enough anti-semitic and anti-american speech that works pretty well for those politicians who have anything else to say in his curriculum. One thing to note, and I hope you catch the little pathetic irony in this commentary, not even Oprah has had that much success, and with that little academic preparation and efford (Oprah does have academic preparation and has worked terrible hard and put up with a lot of obstacles all along her career and life). this guy, no. Only to say he is a revolutionary and a thug and he is given the foreign secretary post. Ah! The wonders of the revolution! Is that the way the Chavismo thinks will construct a new BETTER Venezuela? Hello??

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