Friday, September 22, 2006

Boston pol takes aim at Citgo sign after 'devil' comment

"Given the hatred of the United States displayed by dictator Hugo Chavez, it would be more fitting to see an American flag when you drive through Kenmore Square," McDermott told The Boston Herald. "I think people would soon forget the Citgo sign."

Councilor Jerry McDermott

And so, unfortunately, he is right. My most sincere apologies as a Venezuelan to the American people. We didn't vote for the piece of shit, only 1998 (not me thogh). He committed fraud on the 2004 referendum.

Chavez speech at the UN is criminal against Venezuela's best interest.

And, after spending so much money in propaganda, in Citgo signs, in buying a security council seat all over the world, all that money is gone forever and nothing would be accomplished. And we are looking and doing worst than ever. Just like Cuba.

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