Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chavez steals the spotlight at the U.N., long live to the ignorant(*)!!

The "deliriously ignorant", term which Arturo Uslar Pietri, one of the most educated and brilliant intelectual minds of Venezuela used to describe Chavez (*), has spoken. And the people of the UN have cheered! So easy a caveman can do it.

But, the question is, do the ambassadors knew who were they cheering? Somebody who was even called "not too well "furnished" mentally" by his intelectual mentor?

He did what he likes to do best, a big comedic show, and this time he went to the Radio City Music Hall. He called Bush the devil, that the UN still smells like sulphur, that blah blah blah... because of Bush this and Bush that and Bush thinks and Bush ... and Bush ... and Bush ...

And he recommended the ambassadors to read the rant of Chomsky. Good grief. Can you imagine any other leader having the balls to ask others what they should read??????? I mean, the arrogance of the ignorant is always something that deserves to be talked about.

Did he have something interesting to say taking appart the anti-american speech? (Apparently not, since all the news about his speech started with the title "Hugo Chavez Calls Bush 'Devil'", so that was the highlight).

He finalized asking to move the UN to Venezuela. Actually, I would love that. I think the UN would have a more according home on a Circus like Venezuela than on a serious country.


(*) This is what Uslar Pietri said about Chavez, in 2001:

"Un delirante, ignorantísimo, dice disparates, qué desgracia, el país no logra encaminarse. Pero era muy difícil que Venezuela pudiera encontrar su camino, trató de encontrarlo con López y con Medina, después vino el 18 de octubre y los gobiernos militares y esto se fue, se perdió. Este hombre habla con una arrogancia y una suficiencia increíbles, a él se le han pegado algunas frases que ha oído, como esa del liberalismo salvaje, eso lo llena de felicidad. No puede haber liberalismo salvaje, el liberalismo es la flor de la civilización, el tolerar la divergencia.” (Arráiz Lucca, 2001: 39)"

Source here.


Now he is giving an interview to the press, first question was what he would do to reform the UN, and he is answering with a history class... sigh... now he is mentioning "my friend, Kofi Anan..." so far, no concrete answers... I'll get back to you when I finishing listening... maybe he says something interesting. Ah yeah he said, they need to take the path of brotherhood and peace... that was his answer.

Question about Calderon:
Some phone rang and it was asked to turned it off, to what Chavez said, "Discipline, very good!" uhmmm. His answer has taken the road of chatting about the cumbre with Castro a few days ago... no direct answer to his position about Mexico, yet. Now David and Goliath... Now asking back to the reporter if he is a Mexican... still waiting for a definite answer... TV comercials now....

(*) Thanks Justin, I know you are enjoying my bad command of the english language big time. But it was very kind from you to note it. Sad thing is that seems I never ever will stop making english grammar mistakes!.

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