Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Meanwhile Hugo I still is playing how to be a disrespectful international leader...

A massacre of miners has been held down on the south of Venezuela by the military of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, commanded by his excellency, Dictator Hugo Chavez Frias. The reason? The military wants that area for them to smuggle gasoline and do their little exortion games. Pure Soprano style.

The surviver miners have confirmed that the executers where Venezuelan military and not colombian guerrilla or garampeiros.

The poor folks still believing that Hugo Chavez cares about them, are asking his merciful appearance into the area to fix this problem. Will Chavez show his face to this poor miners? Or Venezuelan local affairs have become "peanuts" for his big ego? What do you think he will do? No show is my prediction.

Thanks Miguel for pointing out this news.

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