Friday, September 15, 2006

Should the Pope apologize?

Happen that his Holyness was given a speech about how reason and faith should be reconciled in the west and opps! He comitted the SIN of quoting some words of a medieval emperor on the errors of Islam and jihad, or holy war.

Of course, the media, always so sympathetic and nice to the catholics, decided to highlight the quote of the medieval emperor and forget the whole point of the conversation.

The age of reason has died.

And now, the muslim community who really are very touchy-feely of its religion, (gee, maybe catholics should become like them!) have given their last world, The Pope is the new Fuhrer (I though it was Ahmadinejad, but nevermind)

"But he said the pope did not intend to make a critical assessment of Islam, much less offend Muslims. On the contrary, Father Lombardi said, the pope's talk focused primarily on the religious shortcomings of the West and the reluctance of truly religious cultures to accept a Western "exclusion of the divine.""

Hopefully, the anger and roar that the media is showing from ALL the muslim community is also taking out of context.

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