Friday, September 01, 2006

What are China and Russia up to?

"It is unusual for the two Eurasian giants to have so little to say about each other, but these two have a natural tension built into their relationship. Chinese-Russian relations are hardly hostile, but neither do they have a lot of obvious room for movement. An alliance against the United States might be attractive in theory, but in practice it is a complicated concept; and in any case, Beijing and Moscow would sell each other out in a heartbeat if it meant they could have a more constructive relationship with Washington."

Geopolitical Diary: The Strange Quiet Between China and Russia
September 01, 2006 03 25 GMT

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And, regarding Iran:

"But two veto-wielding members on the council, China and Russia, publicly opposed any meaningful sanctions. Russia, specifically, is expecting a lucrative deal on the Bushehr plant being built in Iraq. "

Security Council Ends Iran Sessions - Not With a Bang but a Whimper
By BENNY AVNI - Staff Reporter of the Sun
September 1, 2006
From The New York Sun.

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Waiting for the next move of those two...

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