Sunday, September 17, 2006

What did the Pope Say?

Before today's Pope's statement, I was reading about this from the muslim (Turkish Press) point of view, and anybody was talking about the big elephant in Islam's room that the Pope apparently saw for a brief moment:

What does the Pope say?
by Henrike Hochmuth

"He probably has not meant his quotations the way they are interpreted now by politicians, religious people, and journalists all over the world. But as a religious leader with an enormous influence over millions of people in many different countries he has to mind his speech. Especially after September 11, people are very sensitive on this issue, which has only been proven by the debate after the publishing of the Mohammed cartoons by Danish newspapers. In official statements, the Vatican declares that the Pope did not mean to offend the sensitivity of the Muslim faithful. But apparently this is exactly what he has done when he quoted the medieval source. In order to point at the relation between religion, violence and reason, he could have chosen a different source without any reference to a religious personality. It is too late now to change anything in his speech, but it is not too late to take an influence on the consequences. By directing himself to the Muslim world with a clear message of regret, he can probably prevent an escalation of the situation. It is of utmost importance that religious and politic leaders take a clear stand against a clash of civilizations."

Henrike Hochmuth is a researcher at ISRO, European Studies
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Of course he mind his speech. And he should have total responsibility of what he says, being such an important persona, His Holyness.

"In order to point at the relation between religion, violence and reason, he could have chosen a different source without any reference to a religious personality."

This is where I want to go. Why? Why he cannot talk about the relationship of violence between young Islamist and its religion? Why the sensitivity about criticizing the Islam? I mean, the western world is also very sensitive about this issue, and wants to know if this violence comes embedded from their religion or comes from a misunderstanding of some of them trying to understand some passages of their Holy Book?? Which one is true, muslims of the world? Can anyone be kind enough and tell me? Because we are very touchy-feely in this side of the world too!

Sorry His Holiness, We Couldn’t Get It
by Selma Sevkli

"The Pope Benedict XVI formerly known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is known for his enrollment in Hitler Youth in 1941.(...)

For a true dialogue, we should forget about mistakes have been made in history. I could talk about Christianity as the religion of sword and refer to Crusade wars. But, would that solve anything? Are we trying to prove whose religion is better, or how can we co-exist in the same world? It is time for conscience for all of us, and the leaders should pioneer it."

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Ms. Sevlkli,

My question to you is, what is the part muslims cannot understand? The one in which His Holyness calls to ponder the calling of violence from the Islam in the name of God? Why he cannot talk about it?

Referring to the actual Pope been a member of Hitler Youth, I think Ms. Sevlkli doesn't understand what it is to live on a regime where there's no much of a personal freedom to choose what to do. And pointing out the relationship of the catholic church and the Pope with Nazism, will only lead to spitting to themselves, since it's widly know the close relationship of the Mufti of Jerusalem with Adolf Hitler on WWII days. And, Joseph Ratzinger is not known because of he was member of Hitler Youth when he was a kid, but because he is the Pope.

In reference to the cruzades, Ms. Sevlkli apparently haven't notice it yet, that catholics don't do that anymore. And moreover, John Paul the Great, this marvelous Pope she refered to, asked for forgiveness to the world for this. Are you guys gonna keep talking about the cruzades like an actual violence topic or we should get into what's causing violence these days? Why Ms. Sevlkli criticize a medieval cruzade but they don't criticisized its youth becoming suicide bombers in the name of God?

The Pope’s Speech and The Turkish Press
by Abdi Noyan Ozkaya

Digging more into this news and how tolerant muslims are seeing this news I found this very sensible article about how this news have been shown by the Turkish press:

"After these critical words about the Turkish press, something must also be said about the Pope’s quotations and the aim of his speech. The Pope ostensibly aimed to deliver a speech on the connection between reason and Christianity. He also finished his speech by urging dialogue between cultures. However, the Pope’s example is extremely irrelevant for a speech calling for intercultural dialogue. I still cannot understand how a top-religious person can give a disturbing example by using the name of the Prophet Muhammed but still call for dialogue between religions. Yes, it is a quotation and the Pope stresses that he finds the Emperor’s words excessive, but this doesn’t justify the use of this example. Everybody knows that such speeches are prepared days before the day of delivery. He should have known that such discussion would not be approved by the Muslim communities."

Abdi Noyan Ozkaya is a research assistant at ISRO and a regular contributor to the Journal of Turkish Weekly.

We come again to the point that the problem was that he mentionned Mohammed. Now seems to me that any of this muslims people have understood that the Pople is questioning directly the Islam and its relationship with violence. Will they be offended forever or will they open their eyes to the big problem that extremism is doing to his youth, and try to do something about it, so we can all live in peace? Seems that the rest of the world, christians included, can't question what's going on with Islam's suicide bomber youth. Is the Islam directly commanding this or Islam is really a religion of compassion that have the good will of sharing differents faith with the rest of the world?

Truth of the matter is that the Pope touched a very important point that needs to be openly discussed by Islam and the rest of the world.

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