Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hugo Chavez and Cuban G2 have control of Venezuelan email accounts

In today's Bernardo Jurado radio show (Radio Nexx), he interviews Thor Halvorssen Sr. Halvorssen shown a CD that was given to him by some elements of the G2 with approx. 12,000 emails with passwords of Venezuelans. Among them are military, top chavistas (Ali Rodriguez, O. Maniglia, Freddy Bernal), top opposition leaders (Liliana Hernadez, Henry Ramos, Cecilia Sosa, Patricia Poleo, Robert Alonso) etc, etc.. Some of the emails and passwords were confirmed true by Jurado making phone calls to members of the list live in his show.

The dirty war laundry...

Change your passwords regularly since you don't know if you are in that list or not.

Hear the show here.

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