Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jail to the innocent

Rayma published yesterday this cartoon, that resumes the bizarre world that Venezuela is living these days, in which guilty people are free and innocent ones in jail:

The translation: For killing (a cup), for robbery (a medal), for rape (a diploma), and the last one, for giving your opinion (jail). And you think this is an exaggeration? Keep reading...

The case of the massacre by military who executed mafia style 6 miners in the south of Venezuela have all Venezuelans in shocked. Chavez promised that all guilty ones will go to jail. The Venezuelan Justice Minister, Jesse Chacón, says that the target wasn't to steal. If the minister says it wasn't, then very probably it was. In any case, the proof is that they took 10 Kilos of gold that nobody knows where they are (US $ 600 per gram = 10 kilos = US $ 600 Thousand (*) = JACKPOT!).

For Chavez to say justice will be done is one thing, what apparently Chavez hasn't realized (among many things!) it is that Justice doesn't come that easy in Venezuela. The road to hell is paved of good intentions, comandante. He should first need to clean up the Judicial System. And what has he done after 8 years? Put all party members as Judges. Only qualifications needed: loyalty to Herr Chavez. How can anybody forget Judge Mikael Moreno's criminal past? Why do you guys think he is a Judge these days uh?

In today's column of Ms. Poleo, she is noting that when people ask about justice in the la paragua case, (also here), chavistas usually mention the Alejandro Sicatt case, in which this guy burned 3 soldiers alive by spreading gasoline on them (Nice uh? Do you think the Sopranos take notes on Venezuela's military abuse of power or vice versa?) and supposedly the guy is spending 20 years in jail. Well my friends, according to Ms. Poleo this Sicatt guy is alive and kicking working in Maracay for the IV División Blindada, under General Jesus Gregorio Gonzalez Gonzalez. He is in charge of buying all the food for the troops, position that apparently is very sought after among the military elite (imagine why).

In the meantime, while Sicatt is free and copycat killers of Sicatt are also free (the killers of the 8 soldiers in Fuerte Mara the same gasoline burning style) these Venezuelans are in Jail:

General Francisco Usón = because he expressed his opinion
Comandante Humberto Quintero Aguilar = because he aprehend the FARC leader (El canciller)
Otto Gebahuer = The officer who aprehended Chavez on April 11
Felipe Rodriguez = because he dissents
Prieto Morales = because he dissents
Comissars Vivas, Simonovis and Forero = because they dared to defends the citizens
Luis Gonzalez Garcia = To dissent

Also she mentioned that the people of the town of Ikabaru, close to the area of the Paragua massacre, where protesting for justice, the same military division (Teatro de Operaciones No 5) came to raise a citation to all of the protesters to disrupt the public order....

The document in the middle is signed by Adan Chavez (Hugo Chavez brother) who acts as minister of the presidential bureau (did anybody mentioned nepotism in here? hello?) and in it announces a top governmental position to the ETA Terrorist Arturo Cubilla's wife, Goizeder Odriozola in Adan's department. Arturo Cubillas, ETA Terrorist, works for the government of Hugo Chavez as a director for a service office of the Environment Department.

(*) Thanks Ruben for pointing out my math mistake!! :O

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