Thursday, November 02, 2006

Remembering the "Pacto de Punto Fijo" or the "Punto Fijo Agreement"

Punto Fijo y otros Puntos.

The Punto Fijo pact is, according to historian and intellectual Manuel Caballero, the most important document signed besides "The Declaration of Independence" in Venezuela. Why? Because it did unpersonalized the chair of the President. Before the pact, signed in 1958, the governments had the name of the dictator of turn. "Paecismo, Gomecismo".... After the pact, there were just democratic government. Bad or good, they didn't represent the era of the caudillo in turn.

Caballero also pointed out that the best compliment that this agreement can have, is the despise of the Chavismo and his maximun leader, Hugo Chavez Frias. You can wonder why yourself.. duh!

Read all about it in this excellent article written by blogger Daniel of Venezuela News and Views.

Read the document (in spanish) here.


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