Thursday, December 07, 2006

Conspiracy Theory No 1: 6.025.227 votes for Rosales

That's what Pablo Medina said. And then... the guy dissapeared. According to his sister, Pablo's personal security is in danger because of both Chavismo and opposition people. Listen to this interview she did to Bernardo Jurado.

She said that Rosales's family was kidnapped in the afternoon of the 3D, he was told that he won, but the Chavismo was intended to blood bath the country to "defend" their criminal organization. Rosales and everybody else, decided that it was better to concede to the kidnapper's request and to prevent a bloody sunday. But Pablo Medina, decided to tell the story. Otherwise, where did he get this number? 6.025.227? Why he came to the news to say this? Why all the media shut him down rapidly and nobody is talking about it in the news? Is everybody threathened by the Chavistas thugs? (reporters, media, politicans? etc)

We need then Medina to show up sane and sound and tell us the real story of what really happened and what's going on with his dissapearance.

H/t to Maria for the link

Update 12-08-06: Eveling Rosales speaks to Zeta and denies that they were kidnapped.

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