Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tired of Teodoro

"-La esperanza es lo último que se pierde. Sí, mínimamente. Pero francamente no creo. La tendencia estuvo clara desde el primer momento. Bueno chico, ya que pasó todo, puedo decir con franqueza que, por lo que a mi respecta, que creo conocer el país, que no estoy distanciado de la realidad popular venezolana, para mí no había ninguna duda del resultado. Ni cuando me lancé como candidato –y en esos breves meses que recorrí el país pude darme cuenta de lo que significaba subir corozo de espalda-, ni cuando acompañé a Manuel Rosales con el entusiasmo con que lo hice pensé que derrotaríamos electoralmente a Chávez, pero sabía que su derrota futura pasaba por este trago amargo."

-Teodoro Petkoff

I am so tired of Teodoro and his BS as politician. I feel so disenfranchised as a citizen.

I said it and now I repeat it again, Teodoro Petkoff is a great analyst, a brilliant journalist and a lousy, very bad politician.

So why if they knew they were losing, but moreover if they knew that the process was free of fraud, they supported the mariconería of "Vamos a cobrar"? I don't think he, who claims he knows it all about Venezolanos, understood what this phrase meant to all of us, all of us who feel completely played by an electronic fraud on the 2004 Referendum.

To me, Teodoro would have served better his country is he had stayed behind the desk of his newspaper and say it as he think it was.

I don't want to know anything about this guy and his little lies ever. I am not mentally handicap for anybody to tell me lies in order for someone to win elections. It's the same thing, or one of many, that I don't like about Chavez. So, it's true, it seems that everybody is a Chavista now.

And, that, my lads, is one of the biggest problem of Venezuela. We, the citizens, are been lied and manipulated by all the political spectrum of the country, by the media, by this and that interest, and foreign too. WTF? What lack of disrespect is that????

The only way Venezuela can be saved of these people, Teodoro Petkoff, Hugo Chavez, Orlando Urdaneta, Rafael Poleo et al, is to tell them, no thanks, I can think for myself, I can take my own decisions, I know my rights AND DUTIES as a citizen and I don't need any*f*body to tell me lies. And I don't need a super powerful King, ruling the country and having control of every little single institution of my country, as a personal Ranch.

"La polémica lo persigue, ahora hasta los predios de la realidad virtual donde ha abierto un nuevo frente contra los “valientes de la internet” que se niegan a aceptar que el resultado electoral fue consecuencia de otra cosa distinta al fraude. "

Por qué será Teodoro? Because the people was under a cloak of ignorance by politicians like you. How anyone can believe anything of any, any Venezuelan politician anymore? To me, this electoral process could have been a total fraud for this matter or not, and we never gonna know. The way the politicians and the media carried out this process was a total disgrace.

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