Friday, December 08, 2006

The last coup from Chavez. Bruni speaks.

Bruni's analysis and comments are always very smart and oh so very right. I always look forward to what Bruni have to say about something if I haven't make up my mind, or don't know what is going on. Well, now she just wrote a little analysis of the political situation of Venezuela. Concise but she didn't left anything out. Very good read.

Friday, December 08, 2006
The last Coup.
By Bruni of Cuentos Intrascendentes

"The very powerful propaganda machine of the Venezuelan state has sold the image of the Venezuelan dissidents as one rancid opposition, who only exists to take care of its interests. This propaganda machine has hidden the abuse of power, the totalitarianism and the checkmate play that Chavez has given to all the state institutions and has sold to naive minds an ample, clean and revolutionary democratic process.

The reality is that all the institutions have been taken over by the Sabanetan coupster: The Congress, the Supreme Court, the Court system, the State Attorney, the Electoral Council (CNE), the Ministerial departments, and the State companies (starting by the most important, PDVSA).

In fact, taking advantage of semi legal tricks, mixed with some charisma and a hefty dose of populism, Chavez had played by setting up all the pawns and checkmated every single one in a long and extended coup that has lasted eight years.

Today, right after December the 3rd, Chavez is preparing himself to give the last coup. He is not happy to have absolute power, he wants it forever.

The last state coup is the one directed towards the presidential institution, given it by proclaiming indefinite elections.

As usual, Chavez will use elections, referendums and the support of all the other already taken over state institutions to give a democratic veneer and credibility to an act that only great dictators carry out.

There is already talk about a street Parliament, and about substituting a Constitution that, ironically, was created only seven years ago for and by Chavez. As any good dictator, the Lt Col from Sabaneta needs a set of laws that fit him as a Lycra glove. When not, they must be changed.

But we have some weapons left that we won during the harsh defeat of December 3rd.

First, those that dissent from Chavez have started to gain some credibility after years of government propaganda labels such as "coupters", " oligarchs" and "dissociates"

We also got better electoral conditions from those we had in the past.

We have also won the awareness of some international entities about the abysmal lead that Chavez had with his electoral campaign where he used the resources of the
Venezuelan State as if they were from his personal Ranch.

Thus, we must use all of these newly acquired assets to stop this last coup.

It is futile to keep talking about fraud and non accomplished conditions. We have to look forward to the future and do as the Sabaneta military strong man do, planning before making the next move.

The fight is harsh and the fight is now, but it must be fought in order to prevent the last coup.

(English translation by yours truly. Editing by the author).

I agree on everything that Bruni said, but to be honest, the fact that the opposition, because of its stupidity has to sweep under the carpet all the ilegalities, abuses and fraud allegations of Chavismo is very hard to swallow. I think that any american democrat who is reading this knows what I am talking about, right?

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