Monday, January 15, 2007

In Memoriam

Gustavo Rivero Nadal (83) and his wife, Mrs. Blanca Párraga de Rivero (73). Who were killed last Wednesday by robbers during a home invasion at his home in Caracas.

What is the government doing about this type of crime? Many of you, who never have lived in Caracas would tell me, "it happens everywhere", and the ones who live in Caracas (or Rio, Mexico D.F, Bogota, Cali, etc...) know the reality of it might happen everywhere, but not at the rate that happens in these mentioned cities. Not only home invasions, but kidnappings are extremely common. And to kill for no reason. Kill for a pair of shoes, things like that.

Ask anyone who live in Caracas how many people they know that have been robbed in the street, home invaded, etc... you will be surprized that many have a personal story to tell, too close to comfort brush with death, and will tell you that they know many people who had been robbed, home invaded, and/ or moreover, more tragic, have a friend or family member killed for no reason due to a robbery.

And I insist, what are the mafiosi government doing about this branch of organized crime? The band who killed Mr. and Mrs. Rivero are well known around the neighborhood. "Los Quintero", that's the name of the band. Everybody knows them, and they still are outside, planning for the next home they will invade to rob the "rich", and kill them too if possible.

I can't help but thinking not only how much the government allows this type of organize crime to move around freely around the city, but how much Chavez's inflammatory speech of "poor" against "rich", "it's OK to steal to the rich" etc, etc have to do with these type of crimes. Beating to death an 83 year old and his wife.

This crime broke my heart, not only for the insensibility of it, but because I knew Mr. and Mrs. Rivero. My condolences to the Rivero family.

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