Monday, January 01, 2007

Jaiber the hacker

From Noticiero Digital forum.

Pict from You know what is the Onidex? The data registry of all Venezuelans. Hacked by a 17 year old who btw left his cel phone since he is looking for a job. Don't see why the Chavista mob won't give a job to this kid. And they should! Since, seems he is ahead of the people who do the web pages for the government. Yeah right, the electoral voter list of Dec 3 was safe and orderly, and nobody voted more than one time and all who voted were Venezuelans, uhuhmm... yeah.

It's 5:30 pm Monday, Jan 1, 2007 in Venezuela and the majority if not all of the Chavista Venezuelan government websites hacked by Jaiber are still hacked:

I kind of like he did it to the Vicepresidencia website (The mummy VP Jose Vicente Rangel's site). Can someone inside the government get over the hangover of Blue Label and Cristal and start working?

Jaiber, I don't know who you are but kudos for showing to the world the ineptitude of the Chavista government. Yes, they are a bunch of inept and we deserve a better government.

But somehow, according to the foreign leftist of the world, Venezuelans MUST be happy to have such a loved lunatic character as President of Venezuela. I still have people who asked me in awe how come I don't like Chavez. Geez. Yeah, we are doing great. It's not all about the oil price, you know?


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