Wednesday, January 03, 2007

King Hugo forbids missionaries to help the needy indigenous in Venezuela

"When President Chavez decreed that evangelical missionaries must leave the tribal areas, Indian believers began to suffer at the hands of their own countrymen. The missionary pastors that were forced to leave are often the only medical help available to jungle tribes. Missionary pilots are also no longer allowed to fly the sick to the hospitals. Two natives from our area have already died needlessly because of this decision. There is no longer medicine available in the dispensary, as this also came through mission donations."

- Clint Vernoy, Baptist Missionary in Ye’kwana territory along the Caura river, Venezuela.

This is an old story that deserves not to be forgotten, although I never read Clint first-hand story but until today (thanks to wife Rita). His family story is only one among many. What can I say? This is very heart moving. I cannot imagine what is to leave the comfort of a home with electricity, bathroom and hot water to go to a foreign land to establish in a very rural environment in the middle of the rainforest (with no contemporary comfort but with big fuzzy spiders the size of pets around you) to preach the word of the Lord and do social work. And yet, that's nothing for they have to meet with The Beast, in this case taken the form of Chavez himself by preventing them to help the indigenous. Why Hugo Chavez is forbidding these good people to do social work and preach to the indigenous in the rainforest? Very religious tolerant they are, yeah right.

I can assure you that these missionaries don't work for the CIA. So it's not true when Chavez said that his quibble is with the US Government but that he loves American people. Well, doesn't seem to me, since there's no reason whatsoever that he is not helping these missionaries to keep their work going on. Another story that proves what an hypocrite Chavez and his revolt of thugs can be.

My thought is that Chavez wants everybody out so he can take over the rain forest, the Gran Sabana National Park, for military secret operations. Maybe he wants to give a little room to middle eastern terrorist to spread around with no one to lurk around. Maybe the element Uranium have something to do with it.... who knows, but whatever it is, I can assure you, it's not good.

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