Friday, January 12, 2007

Leave the gun, take the cannoli...

"What the fuck we ever get we didn't have to work our balls off for?"
-Vito Spatafore

From el Universal news:

"La definición del modelo de producción social abarcará una visión diferente de la actividad empresarial, donde la gestión se repartirá con los trabajadores en un esquema de colectivización del trabajo sin distinciones, mientras que las comunidades recibirán parte de las riquezas del sector privado.


"En el sector privado tiene que haber una relación directa con las comunidades en la toma de decisiones. Tenemos que avanzar en una forma de sociedad, en la propiedad social. No debe ser solamente el lucro", aseguró este miércoles el ministro del Trabajo y Seguridad Social, José Ramón Rivero.

Por ello, consideró que, "Más allá del poder obrero, se trata de que las comunidades -representadas por los consejos comunales- sean parte de los beneficios económicos logrados por el sector privado.

For the lucky ones who didn't understand what was said above(*), some wisdom words from the new Minister of Labor and Social Security, José Ramón Rivero. He said that the chavista thugs, will enforce companies to spread their earnings among the community (you know, after taxes). Not only that, but the labor unions will take executive decisions on your business, and then, they will spread it all like a piece of pie!! HA HA HA HA HA... what earnings after the union makes managerial decision?

Yeah right! I dare Minister Rivero who find me who is the entrepreneur who will work for others, who btw are deterred not to let him work, and/ or make money.

This news, my dear readres, it's only a new form to institutionalize organize crime. You work, I get the money. Where I have seen that before? (The Godfather?)

If I were a Venezuelan entrepreneur I'll prefer to close my company and move to become a taxi driver in NYC than let others profit from my talent. One thing is to share with the community because your own will, other is to be enforced by a group of mediocre thugs, to share my earnings with them. Paid a vacuna. That's what mafia does.

And that's why capitalism works, because it bases the development of their society on the incentive and genius of their best individuals, those who take risks, create things who will improve the quality of life, who work harder, who develop new techniques. Socialism, communism, Marxism or whatever you want to call it, doesn't pay anyone to be better, to be more creative, to work harder or more hours, so Einstein deserves the same payment that Joe Blow. Human nature doesn't work like that, and won't work like that ever. That's why communism never had worked. God created us different. Any complain on why ones are smarter, prettier and less lazy than others, please address them personally to the creator when you have the chance.

Thanks Correfoc for the link.

(*)Update: Read the same article in english here.

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