Monday, January 22, 2007

Lula, lula, epa lula... !

Just look at Lula´s face when Chavez called on him. I bet that this were Lula's thoughts: "ÑÓ! NOOooo Chavez quere falar por amor de Deus... ahora que locu di mer..???? Esque voce no se pode quedar callado uin minouto caraij'?"

Seems to me Chavez get it on when he knows the "insultee" is not there to reply... typical behavior of a mere coward... see, Chavez sticked his commentary there because he thought that Uribe wasn´t gonna reply. But, in this case Uribe didn't keep quiet following diplomatic formality. It says a lot to me that President Uribe of Colombia actually replied to Chavez´s totally out of line comment... maybe Uribe was just ticked off about Chavez's lack of diplomacy to get into a matter between Colombia and Bolivia (although people say that Evo is Chavez´s pawn)... In any case, this time Uribe shut Chavez up.

Uribe 1 - Chavez 0

I am so happy he drives everybody crazy ... at least I don't feel that bad that the only ones that have to deal with this beast are my fellow Venezuelan countryman.

For a real and very good analysis of this interesting matter, check out Daniel's post about it.

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