Friday, January 12, 2007

Venezuela's road to hell...

Kim Jong Il's family when he was three years old: Kim Jong Il, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Sook, Jong Il's mother

"North Korea’s Kim Jong Il is not wasting money worthlessly by creating this idolization propaganda. The reason that the construction of these monuments has not stopped, even during a period of economic crisis, is because his intention is to use the vulnerabilities of citizens and young people to induce a spirit of sacrifice as they gaze on the Great Leader and the General (Kim Jong Il)

Of course, although among adults there are not many who like Kim Jong Il, he is the leader of the country and is still going strong, the intention is to arm the youth with a way of thinking that tells them it is wrong to betray the General."

Scary. Are we gonna end like this?

Note: Click on the picture to read about Kim Jong Il "Father Complex". It seems this is an important factor in the building of a tyrant. They all have issues with their fathers. Hugo's dad beat him on a daily basis. Seems that Kim Jong's and Hugo's fathers made them feel inferior, both in different ways.

Thanks Maria for the link. The whole web site about NK site is excelent. Don't miss it.

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