Thursday, February 15, 2007

The silly geisha Cilia...

The only institutionalized thing in Latin America is caos and lack of respect to the rule of law...
-Jaime Bayly

For the ones who cannot understand, around min 2, Bayly is making fun of this woman, Cilia, Cilia Flores, called "Silly Flowers" by many, who happens to be the "President" of the Venezuelan Congress and concubine of the Foreign Minister (who happens to be a bus driver turned Foreign Minister only because Chavez said so); she is calling the congress in the video to go to the street to proclaim their Chavez´s rule by decree law passing (that rule was passed about two weeks ago). In other words, they really are not mediocre and not academically or mentally fit for their positions in the congress, but they are giving away any little power they had. I assure you that I pay more attention to my decorative plants which I have at home than Chavez to this mentally subnormal congress.

How disgustingly low and decadent. I think Rome saw better days under Nero than Venezuela under Chavez.

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