Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The witch-hunt against RCTV

"Mientras uno no pierda sentido del humor,..."

- Joselo, August 14, 2000 interview to Tal Cual.

(I would like to know what Joselo thinks about this interview right now)

RCTV answers with this video to the government...

And this video, for one of the oldest if not the oldest shown on the TV, Radio Rochela:

Apparently, the only thing that this TV channel has done wrong is not taking off their pants to the government of Hugo Chavez as other channels (Venevision, to be more specific) has done. We all KNOW that's the real reason they want to take RCTV's air wave concession. They want all the channels to be passing communist propaganda or good ol' Disney cartoons for the entertainment of the masses. That's what I was saying that if the latest white monkey of the revolution, Ms. Barbara Walters would have been Venezuelan, she wouldn't have been allowed to interview a hostile leader to El Proceso, say George W. Bush. And yet, this woman, who happens to be regarded of one of the greatest journalist of America, didn't touch the topic of what Chavismo is doing to chop off freedom of speech in Venezuela. I am still in awe for this.

The chavistas, like the good retarded communist they are, don't tolerate humor for a good reason. Humor tells the truth on a funny way, but tells the truth. This following sketch must itch the scratch of Chavistas big time.

And they also have a song to the President too, who says he has nothing to do with the closing of RCTV but he is personally for it, as you all have heard it him saying.

And now something funny and only for the sake of making you laugh from Radio Rochela ... enjoy

I am scare to think about Venezuela without sense of humor. We lost one of the best comedians to Chavismo. Joselo. He is not involved into comedy anymore, right? Now he is another sad character of the revolution. I think the way Venezuelans use humor to scape all the miseries if the real reason we are one of the happiest people in the planet, regardless. And, Radio Rochela and the rocheleros have a very important chapter in the humor history of the country. It is very sad that because of political reasons, this chapter will end abruptly.

Remember Renny? He used to have a very sucessful variety show on RCTV. Renny is regarded with a lot of sentiment from Venezuelans since he was killed in strange circumstances once he decided to enter the political arena for the top job with his own political party.

UPDATE: See the latest video of RCTV called "Un Corazón que grita" here.

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