Monday, April 16, 2007

A letter from Puerto Ordaz

From a friend...

"I just returned from Puerto Ordaz. The landscaping in Puerto Ordaz is just great, lots of Eucaliptos and Pino Caribe forests, the airport is being remodeled to include the tunnels so that you can walk into the airplanes instead of walking from the plane to the luggage collection area. They are also building a new stadium for the upcoming Copa de las Américas, this stadium has the capacity for 70,000 people! That's it for the good part.

The other side of the coin is that the above is merely "maquillaje". When I arrived XXXX says we have to go to the hospital because XXXX has lung problems and had to be hospitalized for a few days. When I saw the doctor I asked him what was going on and he said that the hospital was full of people with the same problem. This happens because the industry (aluminum, steel, etc.) are not fully complying with their environmental obligations. Also the garbage is a big problem since its all over the place and collection only takes place in the main roads so is you live in a side street its your problem to get the garbage to the main road. I felt horrible because where XXXX lives there is a lot of garbage. Some individuals are very creative and they put a platform on their bicycles and travel down the road collecting the garbage bags for a small fee which they dump on the main road and of course the truck comes along once a week, in the meantime the dogs have opened the bags and scattered everything all over the place, aided by the 'remolinos de viento' which frequently occur, so you can imagine being surrounded by garbage.

Other problems are the holes in the roads, power outages, lack of water, insecurity, en fin, chaos! What hurts most is that internationally people think everything is going smoothly in the country since it has enough money to distribute worldwide!"

Must be that Mr. Chavez thinks he is not the only one entitled to have flies revolving around him all the time. Otherwise, can anybody explain me how is this possible?

Do the government know the extremely high and dangerous health hazard that living among garbage poses?

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