Monday, April 09, 2007

The Private Life of Hugo Chavez

Olga Wornat talks about the crazy leader for the American media channel ABC. She published a book called "Accursed Chronicles" about the private life of Venezuelan cuckoo president Hugo Chavez.

A little memo on what I just saw in this video:

The Venezuelan hero of the poor sees a psychiatrist on a regular basis (SEES A PSYCHIATRIST!!) (Dr. Edmundo Chirinos, na'guará... not a well reputed Doctor on the medical community, you can tell his patient hasn't improved that much uh?), has bipolar disorder (not that we need a doctor to know that, you can tell on the TV), takes Prozac and YET the Venezuelan incompetent political opposition doesn't even talks about it, doesn't make a case that we have a LOCO ruining our lives. Isn't written somewhere that a country cannot have a president loco de la cabeza for obvious reasons?

Hugo's family rules Barinas. Since when Nepotism is NORMAL??

Hugo's daughter had a lavish wedding worth of Charlotte Casiraghi not of a comrade daughter of the revolution and now lives in Paris, not Cuba... uhhmmm

He has a collection of very expensive watches, expensive suits, jewelry, ties, etc... and WE, THE VENEZUELANS PENDEJOS PAYING FOR ALL THE WISHES OF THIS LUNATIC.

The most serious thing to all of this, according to Wornat is not the corruption, the fact that this tropical Bonaparte, his family and friends live like Kings, no, the problem is that this man takes state decisions on a state of euphoria or on a state of depression, and I agree with her. Locos needs to be on a mental health facility, not ruling a country and inviting Ahmadinejad for dinner.

Wornat ends this interview saying that she thinks that Chavez's would love to be killed and pass to history like a martyr, on a Che Guevara fashion. And I think she is absolutely right, this will be the ultimate price of his madness... I hope his wishes of martyrdom never to be fullfilled... oh well, there always will be an idiot who will buy this type of propaganda, martyrdoom or not included.

And what does all of this says of the people who support him? Jeezzz what levels of idocracy and corruption the world is getting into?

So tell me whose fault it is that we have a loco for president for 8+ years spending our money and doing whatever he wants...?


hat/tip to Correfoc for the video.

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