Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wuthering Summit...

Keeping up with the Cumbres Borrascosas energetic summit at Margarita's theme...

"Puede que el futuro haga un esfuerzo sobrehumano para recordar la cumbre más bajita de que tenga memoria la historia de las relaciones internacionales venezolanas. Puro dispendio. Tanto, que una de las autoridades uruguayas se quejaba a voz en cuello que lo que aquí se había discutido eran puras boludeces y pavadas. Idioteces y tonterías. Una traducción light por no ser escatológico. Pues todos sabemos qué es un “boludo” para un rioplatense.

No sólo la ausencia de Tabaré Vásquez y Alan García. Mucho más grave fue la ausencia de un comunicado final conjunto que de cuenta de las razones que llevaron a todas las cancillerías y presidencias latinoamericanas que viajaron hasta Margarita a suspender sus importantes calendarios, echar manos del erario público y venirse a inflar el ego del teniente coronel."

Uyyy... and he goes on...

Miguel Octavio resumes Chavez's success in this summit:

"---The tenth point in the final declaration would make a call against Ethanol production from crops as proposed by The Venezuelan declaration. After hours of discussion, we have yet to see the final declaration, but we did see Hugo Chávez turning the reverse-ethanol-shift, praising ethanol and saying Venezuela would import ethanol from Brazil. Strike one.

---Chavez proposes a natural gas cartel to group Latin American Gas Exporters, despite the fact that Venezuela does not even export a cubic centimeter of natural gas. The President of Brazil nixes the concept as Marco Aurelio Garcia pulled his weight and threatened to have Lula leave early. Strike Two.

---Venezuela has proposed the Bank of the South with most South American countries joining the idea, as Venezuela will provide most of the capital for it. Brazil says not interested unless everyone contributes a fair share. Proposal postponed. Strike Three."

At last! Some restraint to the crazy one! Thank you very much. I don't know why Tabaré Vásquez and Alan Garcia finally didn't show up, but they get two little stickers with a golden star today from this blogger.

Now, resuming. Don't forget this man interest in energy...

President Hugo Chavez defended Iran's "legitimate right" to develop nuclear power for peaceful uses, warning the U.S. on Sunday not to attack Venezuela's ally in the Middle East.

(...) Iran has the legitimate right to develop nuclear energy," Chavez said. A military attack on Iran "would be madness," he added. "The consequences would be terrible."

I hear you Hugh-oh, keep going... I want to know where is it that you want to go.

"Argentina also has nuclear energy, right? I think they're even exporting to some countries. I hope they export a small plant to us and we can put it -- Alvaro -- there on the border,'' Chavez said, addressing his Colombian counterpart, Alvaro Uribe, at a regional energy summit in Porlamar, Venezuela, according to the Associated Press.

When asked about the comment at a press conference following the summit last night, Chavez dismissed it as a joke designed to "make headlines," and said that Venezuela has no short-term plans to buy a nuclear facility from Argentina."

"It's not a priority for us at this moment," Chavez said.

Haaaaa ... so funny I forgot to laugh...

Don´t say that, like Cho Seung-Hui did to Virginia Tech, nobody saw it coming... crazy people, resentidos sociales, problematic people who like to take antidepressants... all the same... I am telling you. Don´t come later to say Oh I am so surprised...

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