Saturday, May 26, 2007

Nothing else but thugery with the Venezuelan Revolution of Hugo Chavez

Yesterday was a very tense day, besides he fact that I spent the day glued to the Internet hearing all kind of news about the shutting of RCTV, I feel though there wasn´t anything else for me to say about this since the great work of fellow bloggers Daniel (here, here, here , here, here, here and here) and Miguel (here, here and here) are doing, keeping us to date with all what is happening out there.

But today, I got really sick, physically sick, with headache, my stomach acting up (usually happens because of stress) and with an overwhelming depressive feeling. You know why? Because I saw this video:

None police was present at the time of this vandalism. Venezuelan citizens are totally without any protection towards this type of violence.

What ideology supports this type of vandalism in this XXI century, after a French Revolution, a Nazi war and a Cuban and North Korean tragedy? None. Have society become enough civilized to keep thugs away in prison? Ladies and gentleman, I have been engaging in countless discussion on the net and on real life with people who sympathize this revolution, some with real points, others with nothing else but fanaticism and blinding hate for Bush policies, others because they think this is the right thing to do. No, they are totally wrong, and this video shows that there´s nothing with substance behind this "revolution".

This revolution doesn´t even have leaders left like Huber Matos and Camilo Cienfuegos, who were fighting towards a very noble ideal of Justice for their Cuban land and were cowardly imprissoned and murdered by their "friend" Fidel. What´s are the ideals of this Venezuelan revolution? Highway robbery an abuse of the citizens who dissent this madness. I haven´t seen anything else.

The only thing left for Venezuelans is keeping track of all this crimes, document every single bit of information, names, including those of international supporters of this crimes, since Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, to Medea Benjamin and Eve Gollinger. All of these foreigners who are making money robbing Venezuela´s treasury, who belongs to Venezuelan and not them. Heinz Dieterich and Noam Chomsky will also needed to be accounted for this crimes. These foreigners need to be personas non gratas for any democratic Venezuelan and will need to face Venezuelan justice once again when we will get the rule of law that our kidnapped constitution mandates.

Jail is the only thing that those VAGOS Y MALEANTES need . There´s no education, reeducation, indoctrination or understanding of this street thugs. We can´t afford giving this thugs any type of amnesty, like the one Caldera and CAP gave to them. Venezuelans Chavistas are smart enough and they know exactly what are they doing.

Jail for the thugs.

What would Simon Bolivar would do in this situation?

If Hugo Chavez would have live on Simon Bolivar times, he wouldn´t be alive and kicking, he would have been shot, him and his group of revolt thugs against the constitution and the freedom and the rights of this country, in front of a wall.

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