Thursday, May 31, 2007

Perro que ladra se esconde en el Museo Militar...

This is one of the videos of the first appereance of Chavez after 4 days of extensive student protest. Notice how he didn't talk like the President, he didn't speak with authority, he didn't say, "You people of Venezuela listen to me right now, I am your president, your commander in chief", etc... etc... and you know why is that? Why he keep talking like a candidate and not with the authority of the President? Because he doesn't have it and he KNOWS it. He stole the elections and he KNOWS it. Hard to find a better example than this one.

There's a mistake in the video, it says 29 de Junio, 2007, but it should say 29 de Mayo, 2007.

What frustrates me is that he did to himself more than we ever did to him... We shall name him from now on Chacumbele Chavez.

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