Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Venezuela, today

The situation in Venezuela today is still of protest. The protests are been held mainly by University students from all over the country. But, other sectors of the society are also joined them with the protest.

The civil unrest started by the personal decision of Hugo Chavez of shutting down the biggest and oldest Venezuela TV channel, Radio Caracas Television (RCTV). It went off the air on May 28 at 12 pm.

But, today, the civil unrest still continues and it has gone beyond the closing of RCTV. The political maneuver went wrong. My husband told me yesteday, "Geez, you guys (Venezuelan) can take anything but not to be taken TV, don´t ya?" Maybe. Specially, this TV channel was very well liked and seen by most Venezuelans. Their comedic radio show, Radio Rochela, has been an staple of the Venezuelan family since 1953 I believe. And honestly, the ones who get more affected with this decision are the most poors, those who Chavez says that he want to protect, I would say that they are the ones that he want to indoctrinate, to slave them to his wishes, just like Castro has done shamefully to the people of Cuba. Those most poors are the ones who cannot afford cable and have to resign themselves to watch a propaganda channel, full of indoctrinating cartoons, of hatred propaganda against fellow Venezuelans, I don´t know... I don´t have plans to watch their bullshit anytime soon, I am fortunate I can choose, but other fellow countryman cannot. Apparently, this seems to be the last straw of the abuse of power of Hugo Chavez that Venezuelans have decided to take. Venezuelans love to sit and watch soap operas at night. And Mr. Chavez took their only free entertainment, their little indulgence. Just because. Like their lives are not miserable enough.

He think because oppression has worked in Cuba for a ruthless murderer like Fidel Castro, will it work in Venezuela for another cuckoo? It has for 8 years though, but for how long will this monster live?

I don´t think these protests won´t be over even if his Majesty, Hugo I, King of Venezuela, only ruler, will decide to put the channel again on the air.

And that´s in fact the REAL PROBLEM with Venezuela today. No, it´s not capitalism, it´s not the imperialism, it´s not the business owners, it´s not Marcel Granier, it´s not the CIA conspiring, it´s not GW Bush, it´s not the Unions, the politicians, it´s not even street crime, corruption, poverty, NO. The REAL disease in Venezuela has a first name and a lastname, and it´s Hugo Chavez. The one who decided to push the envelope and take over the rule of law of the country. In other words, to clean his ass with the constitution, the one he helped to redone. Him, and the guys who decided that this was a good idea too, I include in this group Fidel Castro and a whole bunch of international supporters of Chavez, Danny Glover, Medea Benjamin, Eve Gollinger, etc...

Before, we have a hell lotta problems in the country, and then, it came Hugo to put the cherry on the top.

So, this is what is about with this protest, Venezuelans are tired of not having our rule of law. We, Venezuelans are tired of our rights to be stripped away little by little, we are tired of not finding a FREE justice system but only Chavistas judges who doesn´t even have the nessesary academic instructions to be a judge, and who rule only according to Chavez´s wishes. We, Venezuelan are tired of a Chavista-only electoral council, we are tired of a Chavez´s Asamblea Nacional, who only act according to Hugo´s wishes, since we didn´t voted for them. They obey only to the voice of the master who put them in Congress. We are fucking tired of not been able to get a passport, a federal job, if we are not chavistas. We Venezuelans are also tired of the hatred that Chavez has seed into Venezuelan soil.

Chavez came to power to eliminate corruption in the country. That´s why an overwhealming majority of Venezuelans voted for him in 1999. And then, he won. And then he saw, he liked what he saw, and like many cheap Latin America dictators, decided he can get away stealing the whole country to himself.

Now, 2007, Venezuela not only have more corruption that ever, but now the corruption is also gone to a political and nepotism level never seen before in Venezuela.

Will Hugo get away with it until today?

Wishful thinking from me. We will see...

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